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Dr. Emily opened a whole new world of holistic healing for me with her intuitive and wise-beyond-her-years approach. She taught me the interconnectedness of my emotions, circumstances, stress level, relationships and food I ate with the physicality of my body and its responses. I have struggled for over 20 years trying to find answers for multiple chronic medical issues and it wasn’t until I began working with Dr. Emily that those issues began to resolve and true healing began.

-Jill J.

I have been going to a chiropractor on and off since I was a child. Simply put, Emily is hands down the best I’ve ever come across! She takes the time to get to know the individuals needs and then focus on those needs.


-Margayla S.

Dr. Emily has been wonderful at helping alleviate any and all aches and pains I have had during my pregnancy. She is thorough yet efficient during our time, and always friendly! Thank you for helping me feel my best.


-Arika Q.

Dr. Emily has been wonderful to my 3-year-old daughter and I. Not only is her chiropractic care awesome, but she is also very caring and personable. She gives great advice on how to live a holistic lifestyle. She has so much to offer! Get ready to fall in love with chiropractic care through Dr. Emily.


-Jennifer C.

I have been a patient of Dr. Emily Ceci for the past 6 months. I have tried other chiropractors in the past, but I did not get the relief I was hoping for. Since establishing regular visits with Dr. Ceci, I have had a significant reduction in my pain. She takes the time to listen to what is bothering me and comes up with an individualized treatment during each session. She also offers helpful suggestions for day to day maintenance.


-Cara T.

When I first started seeing Emily I was having pain in my shoulder and up through my neck. Enough pain that I had taken a break from playing tennis because it was hindering my game. Through graston and adjustments my shoulder gradually became healthier. The Graston tool really works! Although it can be a bit painful - it really breaks up the scar tissue allowing your body to heal itself. Not only was graston a huge success for me, Emily’s ability to find small kinks and knots is unbelievable. She has amazing healing hands and a true gift to read the human body. Having Emily adjust me and do graston on me has not only made me a healthier person, I am back on the tennis court with a new shoulder! Thanks Emily!


-Chanda C.

Dr. Emily Ceci has been providing chiropractic care for myself and my children for two years. During that time, she has become a friend as well. Dr. Ceci takes the time remember what is going on with her patients lives - it is more than just an adjustment. She is also knowledgeable about nutrition, supplements, other non-traditional forms of treatment. She has provided care for me through several work injuries, a pregnancy, and I have trusted her with my children. She adjusted my daughter when she was only weeks old. I have had pain relief, improved sleep, and watched my children's attention spans and sleep patterns improve as well. Dr. Emily is irreplaceable!


-Amy F.

I offered to write a testimonial for Dr. Emily Ceci because I feel like because of her, I was able to have a successful VBAC. My first baby was born in California and when I was 39 weeks pregnant, we discovered he was frank breech and I had a c-section for his birth. After we moved to Minnesota and I was ready to have a second child, I was very proactive about researching and finding a chiropractor who was Webster trained and was experienced with pregnant women. I went to see Dr. Emily several times a month throughout my pregnancy and she was so knowledgeable and really helped me achieve a comfortable pregnancy. This was a completely different experience from my first pregnancy, where I was treated by a chiropractor who did not have much experience with pregnant women and could do nothing for me when my son was discovered to be frank breech. My second baby stayed in a great head-down position thanks to Dr. Emily’s care. Plus, when some of the same pregnancy pains that made me miserable in my first pregnancy (like sciatic pain and burning scar tissue in my shoulder) came back during my second pregnancy, Dr. Emily was able to treat them, so I felt great!


When I went into labor, we told Dr. Emily so she’d be on stand by if we needed her. After about 7 hours of intense labor (and using every spinning babies move in the book with the help of my doula) I was stuck at 5 cm and not progressing. We called Dr. Emily, and she came to the hospital and gave me a simple adjustment. Just two contractions later my water broke, and my body started working correctly again. I had my daughter just 4 hours later. It really was remarkable what an impact her adjustment had on my labor and my pregnancy, and I would highly recommend her to anyone!


-Laura N.

Dr. Emily has been a key part of my pain management treatment. Dr Emily's calm and caring demeanor put me at ease right away. She is diligent to properly align my body, despite my stubborn muscles and joints. Dr. Emily asks relevant questions, to better understand where my pain is and what the triggers may be during that particular clinic visit. Dr. Emily has also been an advocate for my overall health & well being. She has recommended diet changes that may be beneficial in managing my pain and inflammation. She has offered personal tips and successes from her journey to encourage and empower my pain management plan. I have seen improvements in my pain levels, inflammation and posture during my time with Dr. Emily. Most importantly, Dr. Emily has given me hope and empowerment as I manage scoliosis, TMJ, and inflammation. I am grateful for the role she has played in my health care, and know she will do the same for many others in her new clinic.


-Kate P.

Doctor Emily was recommended to me by a previous chiropractor, to say we love Doctor Emily would be an understatement! My daughter suffers from an autoimmune disorder and through each flare up Dr. Emily would gently adjust her. Dr. Emily always knew exactly what she was doing and why and how it would help. I am so thankful for her gentle and healing touch with my child.


I decided to give Doctor Emily a try with my chronic shoulder issue. She suggest a new technique to me and I am so thankful I gave her a try! After years of pain and suffering and numerous attempts at other chiropractors, she truly brought me relief! She is gentle yet firm and always confident of what she's doing and why. Her passion for helping and healing is evident in each and every interaction and adjustment. She is incredibly knowledgeable about not only chiropractic care, but the workings of the body and the nutrition needed to maintain a healthy and pain free life. I am so thankful for Doctor Emily and all that she has done for me! I could not recommend her more to anyone, for small, big and chronic issues, she is The Best!!


-Monica R.

I started seeing Emily shortly after having my son Noah and eventually we got my husband to come on board as well. Emily is an extraordinary chiropractor! She personalizes your care to fit how your body best responds and is very personable and passionate about her job. She has also helped us beyond the chiropractic care as far as diet, nutrition and managing food allergies. We totally recommend her to anyone looking for personalized care!!!


-Amy & David D

We love Dr. Emily!  I grew up going to the chiropractor but my husband did not.  He was very against it and did not believe in it at all.  After our son was born with some health issues we moved to a much more natural lifestyle and my husband agreed to try out chiropractic care.  He was very nervous for our young son but after meeting with Dr. Emily he felt much more comfortable!  She is very gentle and explained what she would be doing before doing it!  

Our son LOVES going to the chiropractor and smiles the whole time.  His health and sleep have both improved greatly!  My husband now looks forward to going and says he feels so much better when he leaves!

Dr. Emily always gives each of us the attention that we need and we never feel rushed.  We were quickly able to gain a relationship and got to know her on a personal as well as professional level.


-Christian & Mara B

Dr. Emily is kind and very caring. She helps when ever she can. She will try and get anyone in for an appointment when they are in need.

-Annette S.

Emily has taken such good care of our family! She is thorough and takes her time to be sure she is giving a quality adjustment. She is so great with our kids and also gave me exceptional care during my pregnancy. We love seeing her every week and appreciate how friendly and personable she is. We absolutely feel like seeing her has improved our quality of life and health. We love her!


-Maggie & Mark S.

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